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Repair Not Replace

I stop at nothing

To give you a quality repair that will last. I fully test all of the functions after your repair. A 12 month warranty speaks volumes.

I Love To Repair

I love repairing stuff. Repairing tech is part of my life that I dedicate the time to ensure it is done correctly. Phones, Drones & PC repairs.

I Take It Step-By-Step

Some repairs are complicated and extremely tricky to complete. These repairs are not rushed or bodged. 

I Keep It Simple

I won’t speak in technical jargon to you. I will explain your repair and what is needed in a way that you will understand.

Help save the environment

Repair rather than Replace

Run by Martin who studied for a HNC in electronics and communications back in the 80s. Things were very different back then, electronic devices were larger, phone’s & computers were expensive items.
As components started to shrink and technology was becoming cheaper, devices were becoming throw away items and even cheaper to replace than to repair. We started producing “e- waste” which has resulted in leaving a mountain of old electronic devices going into landfill. 
Now with everyone more aware of the environment & the importance of recycling, we have a new outlook of repair rather than replace, things are looking much better for the environment. Mobile phones and computers can have a much longer lifespan than ever before. The technology used in mobile phones nowadays does not actually get much better with each model update.
Manufacturers are very keen to have you believe that this is the case, but the reality of it is far from the truth. Your phone or PC can have new life breathed into it by refurbishment and repair to achieve that new look & feel.

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